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Diversifying the Way You Pay

March 18, 2019

Buying something online on your favourite online pay websites is incredibly simple with the steps being to simply logon to the store of your choice, searching for the product you wish to buy and checking out which many in the Web Design Malaysia environment is a sign of the countries ever growing expansion to the digital age. However, the struggles comes from the way you want to pay for your products. Credit and Debit cards would be the only way you would have to be a decade ago, but today you have a large selection of options to use. Here are the 4 ways you can have a more diversified payment method:~

  1. The first and easiest methods of payment online especially with the use of your mobile phone is through the use of Direct Carrier Payment which essentially adding the cost of the item that you would be purchasing on to your phone bill which helps in security as it makes the buyer and seller as the must use the device and number on hand to make the transaction.
  2. The next method is via the use online banking which eliminated the need for a card in the transaction and helps with security due to how robust and secure the login processes of most banks have.
  3. E-wallets allow you to also place funds preemptively on to an online account that allows the hassle of both withdrawing or transacting money being circumvented and cutting buyers from the actual bank account and preventing fraud.
  4. The newest method of payment is in the form of Cryptocurrency, digital assets that act as a medium of payment, eliminating the use of cash or converting the cryptocurrency into cash which can be used to pay.

To conclude, these methods will allow you to ease the process of payment and simplify it as well but also add better security towards where you keep your money by eliminating the use of the card options ad taking more security heavy options or options that convert the cash into a different form of currency.

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