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Paid Advertisements a Downfall to SEO?

May 8, 2019

SEO- the process of which it manipulates the search engines into making a specific website more visible and more discoverable to users on the internet. Agencies such as ChristChurch SEO Service has made the good decision of making a business out of this. This is because they realised how important maintaining an online presence is to businesses and how detrimental it is to them when they do not have one. A long process is one that is of SEO. It involves many stages and many departments of a business for it to be and to remain successful. However are all these efforts for nothing when you can just pay for an advertisement to remain on top of a web search result page?

To simply answer that question would be no. This is because first and foremost, advertisements that can be seen and are accurate that also draws in the attention of users and viewers would be very costly to the business. If you are a small business and have limited resources, paid advertisements might not even be an option. In the short run advertisements may be cheaper than hiring a SEO agency but in the long run it is almost a definite that it is more expensive.

Secondly, SEO is not solely just about putting your website first on the list. It is also about making the website of the business more user friendly which you do not get from paid advertisements. This ensures that users actually have  chance to look and understand your product rather than just clicking out of the site right away as you cannot use the site easily and it is not easily accessible.

Lastly, SEO also gives you quality content. This ensures that the users that actually do click on your website are there to get the answer they deserve rather than an article that is just on a long rant with no exact point. SEO cleans all these up from the content of your articles to the organising of the site.

In conclusion, advertisements might be a slight disturbance to SEO but it is by no means a downfall of SEO. This is because in the long run SEO definitely reaps more benefits.

Marion Newman
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